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Cat Grooming Services in Fredonia, NY

If you're looking for a cat groomer in Western New York, you've come to the right place. Cat grooming isn't our sideline, it's our specialty! Owners, Niner and Lynda, team groom, offering a service that's unique in the industry. Your cat won't feel manhandled--we see cats as individuals and allow each particular cat to guide the grooming process. Your cat will get breaks as needed, music, snacks--whatever we need to do to make the experience, if not enjoyable, then as stress-free as possible. 

We welcome all types of cats, whether you seek a quick nail trim or comb out, or full grooming. 

Our spa is clean, safe, and relaxing, and your cat is our number one priority. Our grooming sessions may take a little longer, but that's because we want to offer the best possible care tailored to YOUR cat's personality. Contact us today to book your cat's spa day.

Learn more about our services below (please note that Kitty Yoga Mats are $12, not $9):

Basic Grooming

Our Basic Grooming package is anything BUT basic! This includes a nail trim, thorough ear cleaning, eye cleaning, and a bath, blow-dry, comb out. We also take photographs of your cat's spa day experience for fun Facebook stories, and we will share the photographs with you. Our Basic Grooming is red carpet treatment, and your cat is the star.

Sanitary Trim

Let's face it: some cats take care of the back 40, and some cats don't. We can trim up your cat's rearview to make it easier for them--or you--to keep things neat and fresh. You can book a sani-trim as a single service or as an add-on to a Basic Grooming

Nail Trim...or Nail Caps!

We are happy to keep your cat from getting too pointy! We cat trim your cat's nails for a cool $9, or if you have a scratcher in the family, do the humane thing and invest in nail caps. This is an inexpensive way to keep your scratchy-cat from damaging your furniture.

Shaving or Fur Cutting Options

Some feline coats require more extensive maintenance. As an add-on to a Basic Grooming, we offer lion cuts, slightly longer comb cuts, or our very popular de-shedding treatments. During a de-shedding, we use a special tool that attaches to our Clipper Vac system to remove excess undercoat while leaving the top coat and guard hairs alone. Not only does this prevent excessive shedding, but it is the first step toward preventing painful matting and pelting.

Ear Cleaning

A cat's ears are delicate and vulnerable to infection, excessive wax buildup, and ear mites. Cleaning your cat's ears reduces build-up to help hinder infections and reduce the smell.


We love our customers, who come to us from Fredonia and all over Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania, including FredoniaBroctonSheridanJamestownWestfieldSilver CreekDunkirkErieHamburgEast AuroraSouth Dayton, the Conewango Valley, and more!

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